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Tee It Up! For The GFPD 2018

4 person Golf Scramble - May 18th

Weibring Golf Club at Illinois State University

Reception & Silent Auction - May 19th

ISU Alumni Center

 Weibring Golf Club

Weibring Golf Club

Tee It Up! For The GFPD 2018 will take place on May 18-19, 2018!

Tee It Up! For The GFPD 2017 was an incredible success!  We raised over $135,000 for the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders

It was an amazing two days! Thank you for your generous and faithful support!


Thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored, contributed, and volunteered for Tee It Up For The GFPD 2017!  Please read our full 2017 recap here: Newsletter.  

Our full photo album can be found here: 2017 Highlights  We hope you'll join us again in 2018!

Donate to the GFPD (Please specify "Tee It Up! For The GFPD 2018")

 Max Chapman

Max Chapman

When Max Chapman was 14 months old, he received the devastating diagnosis of Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder (PBD), a very rare disorder that will cause him to lose his sight and hearing and eventually cause life threatening damage to his kidneys, liver, and bones.  Treatments for PBD are very limited and most affected children do not live past the age of 10.   

The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders (GFPD) was created to fund much needed research around PBD and to support those families facing this horrible disorder.  Recently, they have made some major strides in their understanding of this disease, but additional funding is needed!  In our first two years of Tee It Up, we have raised nearly $250,000 for the GFPD to help support cutting-edge medical research!  

Please join us as we raise money to support this amazing organization!  

To learn more about the GFPD and the important work they do, please visit our GFPD page.


Thanks to our 2018 Sponsors and Donors!!

Double Eagle Sponsors:


Eagle Sponsors:

Alan & Kathie Chapman

The Wynne Mattefy Family

Joe & Faith Herbers

NCHS Lady Iron Soccer Program & Parents


Reception Sponsor:

Greg & Patty Garbe


Golf Cart Sponsor:

Beverage Cart Sponsor:


Birdie Sponsors:

 Marty Hogan & Katie Hogan

Marty Hogan & Katie Hogan

 Marty Hogan & Katie Hogan

Marty Hogan & Katie Hogan

Jim Shaddle

Peggy Hundley

Scott & Cathryn Burns

Tom & Marsha White

John & Vicky (Campbell) Sykes

Gordie Garbe

Snyder Family Foundation

Todd & Corin Chapman

Gary & Donna Grant

Marty & Kathy Sallee

John Zeman & Katie Lenzini

Nate & Heather (Chapman) Damery

Darin & Beth Boggs

Burt & Kay (Turley) Haun

Shyam Lakshmin & Sarah Eccles



Lunch Sponsor:


Hole-In-One Contest Sponsors:

Par Sponsors:


  Millan/Petro Organization

Millan/Petro Organization

Rob & Mary Cranston

Rich & Jane Beal

The Michael Collins Foundation

Willie Brown

Jeff & Lois Balk

Gene & Helen Grandone

Joel & Nancy (Chapman) Kindle

Matt & Carrie Chapman

Mike & Leslie Parent



Gil & Betty Dorsey

Leanne Fritz & Ray Fairchild

Paul & Lynda Krueger

Phil Loftus & Christine Horstmann

Marty Erwin

Steve & Patty McManus

Kevin & Lisa Callis

Marty & Cheryl Kinert

Bloomington Tennis Center

Lintfighters of Central Illinois

Brian Kilmer

Bob & Cheri Ervin

Hope Hall & Sarah Mineau

Mary Helen Haskell

Phil & Linda Damery

Johnston's Skate and Hockey Pro Shop

Samantha Knackmuhs

Community Participation Sponsor:

 Julie Meulemans Gallery, 1106 E. Bell St., Bloomington will generously donate 10% of all May 2018 sales to The GFPD.

Julie Meulemans Gallery, 1106 E. Bell St., Bloomington will generously donate 10% of all May 2018 sales to The GFPD.


Hole Sponsors: 

 Kathy DiCiaula, Broker

Kathy DiCiaula, Broker

Hole Sponsor - Downstate Shockwave Logo.jpg

Carson Damery

Steve & Deb Wannemacher

Rick & Kim Percy

Ron & Debbie Price and Eloise Campbell

Pete, Linda, Rory & Ryan Chapman

The Gamble Family

The Lambrecht Family

Dean Davis

Matt Fuss & Sikander Khan

The Ullrich Family

Margaret Couch

Yvonne Kaminski

Eden & Christie Savory

Jim Walker

Bart & Donna Williams

Rachel Buell



 Jill West, Broker

Jill West, Broker

Kim Carlock

Dan & Pam Kelley

Jim, Alex, and Jill (Fitzsimmons) Mross

Jane Whitman

The Gustin Family

Barker Buick-GMC-Cadillac

The Gosser Family

Mark & Valerie Johnson

John & Marilyn Freese

Leighton Legal Group, LLC

Spencer Investment Properties

Ray & Mary Jane Sheldon

Alan Hendren

Dennis & Beth Vandenberg



Jarod & Colleen Garbe and Family

Redbird Property Management, Inc.

Randy & Jane Middleton

Landon & Hannah Meece

Greg Hougham

Campbell Damery

Sam & Patty (Campbell) Otis

Parkway Auto Laundry

Don & Belinda Franke

Kim & Colleen Kannaday

John & Rita Hensley

Les & Jennie Boswell

Joe & Chris Strupek

Deon Johnson

Dan & Jill Eberle


Silent Auction Sponsors:


Other Donors:


Jeff & Stacy Niepagen

Robert & Gail Ann Briggs

Mary Helen Haskell

Rick & Kim Weber

John & Sue Coughlan

Kevin & Patti McIntyre

Jerry & Debbie Apps

Jerry & Carole Ringer

Rebekka Moran

Geraldine Woods

John & Peg Kirk

Maria Rosa

Richard & Florrie Dammers

Debra Toohill

Bill Semlak

Frank & Kait O'Hare

John & Nancy Bishop

Michael & Susan Andresen

Guy Banicki

Jacob Harlow

Tim & Pat Bittner

Beth Annarino

Stephanie Cunningham

Ellie Chapman

David & Victoria Marshall

Craig & Melanie Kingman

Chuck & Sue Hurliman

Mark & Peggy Swerdlik

Ken & Marcia Christensen

Margaret Utz

Mitch & Carla Lucie

Gordon Ropp

David & Barb Wilson

Paul & Vandana Naik

Denny's Doughnuts and Bakery, Inc.

Meghan Rogers & Pete Moore

Bob & Sue Nielsen

Susan Cleaver

Bill & Sandy Slingsby

John & Liane Ashenfelter

Connie Rapp

Dan & Amy Naughton

Jay Kozie & Petrina Johns

Stan & Sharon Nielsen

Chris Senior

Don & Maribeth Ficek

Tom & Jill Frazier

Bill & Gloria Schuth

Jane Brummet

Kristin Givens

Jeremy & Kendra Kelley

Debi Taylor

Jeff & Heather Lindsay

Kim Carlock

Kurt & Joyce Moser

Joe & Diane White

Dan & Maureen Maffeo

Chad & Lacey Kruse

Katy McMann

Amy Prestegaard

Ryan & Trini Hartley

Rich & Meg Astudillo

Jen Crutchfield

Julie Williamson

Art & Camille Taylor

Pam Morbitzer

Jane Foster

Cheryl Munizzo

John Cavanaugh

Jane Heitzig

Mike & Tara Kaiser




Luis Berrios & Idalia Morales

Jon & Janelle Friesen

James Kindle

Bloomington Hy-Vee

Leonard & Charlene Maupin

Terry & Debbie Lindberg

Tom Brokaw (State Farm Agent)

Mark & Pam Comadena

Mike & Susie Murray

Mary Lou Mercier

Melanie Beinlich

Bob & Carol Hajek

Rita Galvan

Dave & Molly Wuethrich

Hank & Mary Campbell

Portia Hoffman

Steve Temple & Leisa Huyck

Kara Geier

Ian Stark

Dirk & Carla Van Dongen

Tommie & Nancy Boitnott

Emily Thomas

John Zeman

Curt & Susy Marcum

Barry Chapman & Jessie Norris

Ron & Nancy Gramley

Barb Oakes

Mike & Merle Clark

Larry Eckers

Diana Ropp

Glenbrook South High School Girls Soccer Program

Mark & Kathy Gibson

Adam Nielsen & Dayna Brown-Nielsen

Rich & Sue Stroyan

Paul & Fran Crownhart

Steve & Sue Seibring

Jim & Jennifer Engelman

Dave & Kathy Nixon

Bill & Susie Chaney

Jerry & Linda Bach

Phil & Marla Corkill

Jim & Leslie Mullins

Mark Jontry

Chuck & Kathy Smalley

Ben & Susan Sykes

Kathy Granberg

Jeff Lindsay, P.C.

Barbara Metz

Dolores Hellweg

Matt & Emily Ehrstein

Brian & Miranda Buss

Brian & Kharla Abamont

Eric Laffey

Scott & Lisa Etheridge

Melissa Rule

Disciples Women's Ministries, First Christian Church

Ryan & Marie Hieronymus

Sharon Heyman

Dustin & Melissa Fornoff

Adam Silca

Matt Mitchell & Elizabeth Majerus

Bob Baker

Kathy Rabe

Ryen Nagle

Mike & Beth Fletcher

Debra Streeval

John & Barb Coffey

Steven & Kim Gregory

Nancy Donahue

Deborah Stamm

Darrell & Donna Hartweg

John Dirks

Steve & Sue Seibring

Del & Meg Chance






Rob Widmer

Jim & Marsha DeMay

Bruce Hawkins

Maddie Chapman

Justi Miller & Barb Smith

Chuck Aubry

Ryan & Eli Winn

Tom and Marsha White

Judy Fisher

Randy & Nancy Phillips

Bob & Linda Cueni

David Bradbury

Bob & Cheri Ervin

Pete Whitmer

Greg Yount

Ken & Nancy Arndt

Larry & Marlene Dietz

Given & Jean Harper

Linda Herman

Jill Hutchison

Josh & Cassie Beal

Gerry & Marty Brogla

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Pat & Sue Larkin


Frank & Lois Lipscomb

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Keith & Pat Auten Rieger

Chris & Susie Downing

Jeff & Sue Schaub

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Gerald & Diane Doty

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Jeff & Jane Collins

Tom & Joan Ashley

Jackie Hux

Earl & Rhea Kingman

Rick & Kathy Ott

Dominic Giannola

Selby & Debbie Hubbard

John & Lori McIntyre

Leroy & Natalie Mellendorf

Jeff & Susan Dippold

Gene & Diane Jontry

Bruce & Kerry Young

Gene Gudeman

Hank & Joan Guenther

AJ & Lexie Kalitsky

Brian Kilmer

Az & Julie Wazeer

Nancy Behrens

Courtney Kano

Ready Cash, Inc.

Scott & Lisa Lay

Max Adler

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Rob Goldberg

John & Becky White

Harlan & Brenda Geiser

Tim Turall

Bill & Susan Sulaski

Don & Carol Munson

Tom & Margaret Ann Hayden

Paul & Fran Crownhart



For more information on Sponsorship opportunities, please visit our Sponsorship page.

 PBD Families and Researchers at the 2015 GFPD Family and Scientific Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.  

PBD Families and Researchers at the 2015 GFPD Family and Scientific Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.  


$100 per golfer

-Includes greens fee, 1/2 cart, and lunch

-Tickets to Reception are $20 each





Golf Scramble - Friday,May 18th:

8:00 - Morning Shotgun Start

12:00 - Lunch

1:30 - Afternoon Shotgun Start

5:30 - Awards

Reception & Silent Auction - Saturday, May 19th:

6:30 - 10:00 p.m.

Featuring music by Dan Hubbard



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